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February 18, 2021

Blue Man: The Truth in the Media

The truth is that most people who heard the story of “The Blue Man” were apparently convinced that the story was true and were scared to take colloidal silver (commonly known as nanosilver) for fear of developing this disease. The good news is that the story was proven to be a fraud. Read on for further information about how he became the "Blue Man".

Paul Karason, or most popularly known as the "Blue Man," was nothing but a fraud. Contrary to what recent news reports and the public have implied, colloidal silver was not the cause of his skin discoloration. His story is a fabrication of a malicious kind to scare the public into thinking that taking colloidal silver will really make them turn blue.

Karason, then 57, from California gained notoriety in 2008 when he appeared in TV and press releases showing his entire body colored blue, later learning it was caused by a condition called argyria. The said condition is caused by consuming excessive amounts of protein with silver salt. He had been making his own colloidal silver solution at home utilizing extended-length electrolysis and salts to create a silver chloride solution containing large silver particles. He produces his own mixture that is different from the ones that are offered in stores.

According to a silver colloid solution manufacturer, the story of Karason was really made up by a public relations company and paid for by a pharmaceutical company to scare the public of the possible effects of taking colloidal silver.

There are thousands of people who take colloidal silver solutions, but none have reported that their skin turned blue except him, whose story has been cast as a fraud. It has been proven that colloidal silver, when prepared properly and regularly, is effective in healing many ailments and diseases without causing argyria. His condition was caused by the fact that the nanosilver solution was not prepared correctly and that he added salt to the mix.

As the report states, he admitted to consuming a large quantity of an incorrectly prepared silver solution. The case of this individual is one of the only verifiable cases of argyria to be reported in the United States. This only proves that argyria is an uncommon condition and that the use of colloidal silver is harmless.

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