Bacteria and Colloidal Silver: Alternative to Poultry Feeds’ Antibiotics
February 18, 2021

Over-the-counter medicines are most people remedies for their common colds. Doctors and medical professionals often tell their patients that there is no other solution for colds except to rest, take their prescribed medicines, and wait until it subsides. However, what most people do not know is that there is a faster way to cure common colds and that is by taking colloidal silver and other natural home remedies.

Vitamin C, garlic, zinc, olive leaf extract, and Echinacea are already proven to cure colds and flu faster. Take 1000mg of Vitamin C for the first 6 hours and then after that, take three times daily. Follow it with one to three cloves of freshly minced garlic that has been set aside for 15 minutes. After that, take zinc and olive leaf extract (follow the direction in the label), and then finish it with Echinacea at least three to four times or according to the label. Due to its soothing and antiseptic qualities, Echinacea has been used long ago as treatment for colds. Gargle and swallow it to soothe sore throat and treat colds.

A mixture of colloidal silver and lobelia can solve the problem of cough and congestion. Drop one part of lobelia for every five parts of colloidal silver. Breathe it and repeat the process whenever necessary.

Aside from the remedies mentioned above, colds can be treated faster with plenty of water and bed rest. Chicken noodle soup can also be taken as it is proven to be effective on common colds.

If you wanted something organic, here’s a mixture that you can do at home. Just mix together:

- ¼ teaspoon garlic - ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper - ¼ teaspoon powdered ginger - Two tablespoon water - One tablespoon honey - One tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Put the mixture in a bottle and take three teaspoon when needed.

Waiting for your colds to run its course are painful and may took weeks but with the use of colloidal silver and other organic remedies, it may only take days.

Source: Natural News, Use Nature and Colloidal Silver to Knock Out the Common Cold. Last Accessed: February 18, 2021. View the article screenshot here. Photo Credit: Google Search, CureJoy.